Naps heal all.

Sorry for the short hiatus, everyone. A few things came up, and then it simply didn’t feel appropriate to promote a webcomic update last week in the middle of everything that has been happening. There’s still a lot of things going on that I hate to distract from, but I also think having some small hints of normalcy to ground ourselves is a good idea.

If you are one of the many who has been deeply affected by current events, please know that I stand with you. There is nothing I can say that can help or change what you have suffered, but I do want to support you in any way I can. Black lives matter. Your life matters.

To those of you who have the privilege of being untouched by what is happening, I beg you to pay attention, and stand up for those who are hurting, in whatever capacity you can.

AstralSounds is a comic about empathy and compassion. It is about people who fight for a world where everyone can feel safe and loved. Because of this, it feels only right that I donate my Patreon earnings this month to charity, in the hopes that AstralSounds can help make that safe, loving world a reality.