I ended up going on more of a hiatus than I intended to these past few months, and unfortunately it isn’t over yet. The story of Eggnog the guinea pig did not have a happy ending, and I lost her Monday evening. My heart is broken and I feel like my world has crumbled. Being in my bedroom and sitting at my desk is actually painful, because Eggnog would normally be sleeping right next to me. She provided a lot of emotional support for me, and it’s all been ripped away. It’s very possible Astralsounds would not exist without her, so I obviously need to take time to mourn. I’m making the hiatus official now, but I plan to return to AstralSounds by May 8th.

AstralSounds Chapter One will still be going to print on May 1st as I had previously planned (more info about that here) so don’t forget to become a patron if you want your name in the book.

Thank you all again for your amazing support and patience with me during such a rough time. I’m always immensely grateful to have such kind readers.