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Home PTanu Full Color Transparentlanet: Aur Buran, one of six planets orbiting the star Aur. Three other planets in the Aur system have been terraformed and colonized by Aurik.


Physical Description: Strictly bipedal. Faces are typically round, with forward-facing eyes and four ears on top of head (two smaller, two larger). Hands have three claw-like fingers and one thumb, feet have four toes. Entire body is covered with a very fine fur. Aurik also have very short tails that are mostly or entirely immobile.

Aurik can be anywhere between 3.5′ and 5′ tall. Fur colors tend to be earth tones, ranging from browns to dull greens and grays. Females typically have warmer fur colors and males are cooler tones, but exceptions to this are not uncommon.

Senses: Average eyesight – limited color range, but able to see well in low light. Excellent hearing, with two sets of swiveling ears to pinpoint sources of sound. Average sense of smell.

Diet: Aurik are omnivores, preferring cooked foods. Most food available to those living on Aurik planets is highly processed.