So this has ended up being a much longer hiatus than I ever intended. More than a hiatus, really, since I’ve kind of disappeared from the internet as a whole. This year overall has been very difficult, but I’m expecting things to calm down now. I’ve had my last convention of the year, and I want to be a little pickier about cons in 2020 to avoid wearing myself out.

I’ll be taking what’s left of November and all of December to rest up and catch my breath, but I want to get back to AstralSounds updates at the start of January! It just wouldn’t feel right to not post a comic page during the anniversary of AstralSounds. I expect I’ll only be able to manage updates every other week for a little while at that point, but I’d really like to be able to get back to weekly updates again after working my way back up to it.

Sorry again for leaving everyone hanging for so long. Especially at such an intense moment in the comic. I feel terrible for making you all wait like this. But we’ll get back to the action soon! In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy holidays. See you all in the new year!